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Caritas International



Caritas International is one of the largest NGO in Belgium and was founded 75 years ago. Caritas Belgium works actively in the field of assistance to migrants in Belgium, and Emergency relief and Development in Asia and Africa. Caritas helps the victims of wars, natural catastrophes and poverty. This assistance is provided without consideration of religious or philosophical convictions or political belonging.

Support in the field of migration

  • Social help for migrants and asylum seekers (Non UE);

  • Small housing projects for asylum seekers during the procedure;

  • Tutorship for Unaccompanied foreign minors;

  • Return and sustainable reintegration in countries of origin.

Does the ERSO member offer pre-departure counseling?

Caritas International Belgium offers pre-departure counselling and cooperates with other "REAB Partners" NGO’s and governmental agencies who counsel migrants, such as FEDASIL, Red Cross, Social Centers in the Dutch and French speaking parts of the countries and in Brussels.

What kind of reintegration assistance does the ERSO member offer to returnees? 

Our assistance is individualized and adapted to personal cases. We can offer the following reintegration assistance:

  • Pre-departure counselling: listening to the needs of the migrant and providing specific information regarding the country of return (e.g. housing, education, employment, health care etc.);

  • After return: practical assistance through our partner organization in the country of origin. This can include: assistance in finding housing, registration, medical care, old age pensions, unemployment benefits, education for children etc. Advice and support in finding employment;

  • Assistance in setting up a small-scale business: (after return) e.g. business counselling, evaluate and advice in the development of the business, job counselling and job placement, finding micro credit or help in registration etc.;

  • Referral to other organizations: e.g. for psycho-social assistance or health care;
    All other relevant questions or needs.


The budget is based on FEDASIL funds and RETURN fund (EU): individual budgets are approved by the return agency within FEDASIL, and Caritas Belgium is accountable for the way the individual reintegration project is implemented.

Target group of the ERSO member (in the context of return and reintegration)

The target group of the Return & Reintegration Cell is asylum seekers and undocumented migrants who return voluntarily to their country of origin and who are in need of assistance.


The Return & Reintegration Cell is funded by FEDASIL (Ministry of Social Integration), by the RETURN Fund (EU) and by Caritas.

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