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Image by Antoine Plüss

Taxi driving and roadside kiosk

In September 2021, ”W.” returned home to Uganda with a dream of settling on the shores of Lake Victoria and making a living growing crops from his own garden.


However, with the guidance of the local reintegration partner, W. decided instead to use his reintegration grant to buy two motorbikes, as this would give him a more immediate income and was also a less risky business model. He rented out one motorbike and drove the other himself as a taxi driver. Gradually, W. saved up enough money to also open a roadside kiosk, from which he now sells everything from snacks and drinks to soap and toys. W. has good business sense, and now rents out both of his motorcycles. He has also saved enough money to realize his dream of a plot of land on Lake Victoria, where he plans to build a house and plant trees with fruits and crops that he can sell in his kiosk. The reintegration support has helped him to generate an income quickly, and has been the kick-start to creating additional income opportunities.

Meet Caritas Uganda and some of the returnees that Caritas Uganda has supported with reintegration after return from Europe to Uganda.

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