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Image by Imani Bahati

Grocery shop

Mister Sow came to Belgium in 2008 to earn money to support his family in Senegal. It wasn’t as easy as planned to find a job and a good income in Belgium, so after 4 years of trying he decided to return to Senegal. He missed his family a lot and wanted to achieve something in his own country while he was still young enough to do so.

After talking to Caritas International Belgium, he decided to open a grocery shop and to start a farming project. However, upon arrival in Senegal and discussion with the local partner Caritas Senegal, he realized the budget wasn’t sufficient to finance both projects. He decided to go on with the grocery shop, which was located well and he received help from his son to run the business.  It is worth mentioning that Mister Sow had the advantage of owning his own house, which means he never had to waste money on rent and he could support his whole family while saving some money in the meantime.

As mentioned by the local partner organisation, his family is of great support to him, which helps him to stay very motivated. He has a big clientele and an income good enough to start thinking about starting a farming project as well.

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