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Car equipment shop

Osman returned to Erbil, Suleymania, in 2012. He’s now working as a partner in a business called “Wasta Walid”, specialized in car’s equipment.


He used his reintegration budget to finance the equipment and to pay part of the rent. He followed the business start-up training and developed his business plan together with the staff members of ETTC.

The main challenges he faced in the beginning were the lack of customers and the competition with other merchants in the neighbourhood. Luckily he was motivated and willing to work hard.

Cell phone reparation service

Mohammed returned to Iraq in 2012. He wanted to start a mobile repair desk as this shop would enable him to earn money without having to make a big investment in the beginning.

He followed a business start up training to develop his business plan and to explore the market. At present, his business is running well and he manages to attract more and more customers. As he’s doing his job well and he offers good services to the customers, his profits are increasing. The advantage of this kind of reparation business is that he could start off quite easily without having to invest in many expensive tools or special equipment.

His daughter needed a lot of medical treatments after his arrival and his project made it possible to finance a big part of it. Still, it is very hard for him to actually save money in this situation. Mister Robert keeps being very motivated, which is the most important trigger to keep expanding his “work in progress”. He now sells hair extensions and basic need products and he’s planning to sell even more things in the near future!

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